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Marker Paper

When I was a teenager there were no phones, no social media, no DMs, nothing of the sort. I had to pass notes the OLD way. Good ole paper and pens. But you know what, that helped me! That helped me find my passion. There is nothing I love more than writing a good ole love note to my husband on some paper. We hold on to those things FOREVER.

If you want to make lettering part of your life, however, you are going to need to up your game. What does that mean exactly? It means educating yourself on how to take care of your pens, your lifeline, your materials! Ha!

Now, I learned the hard way and I would love to provide some “awareness” to you so you do not make the same mistakes I did.

DO NOT USE PRINTER PAPER WITH YOUR FELT PENS. This is key. This will save you SO much money and so much frustration. I had no idea that while I was lettering with just normal printer paper I was actually doing damage to my nice, wonderful pens.

The problem is, printer paper is not smooth. It has little fibers that stick out and grab hold on those beautiful felt tips you own. When you don’t know this little fact you start thinking it is the pens and not the paper. But believe me, it is not you, it is not the pens, it is that awful paper.

There is great paper out there. I have included some links to my favorites!

Canson Marker Paper

Strathmore Marker Paper

Rhodia Marker Paper

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