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Pretty Potted Plants

I am awful when it comes to decorating my yard with pretty plants. My neighbor has it dialed down. That is most definitely her talent. My talent is creating art with my hands. I was slightly comparing her beautiful yard to my yard the other day when I thought, “We all have different talents. Do not dwell on the talents you do not have. Rather, dwell on the ones you do and magnify those.” So that inspired me to create something to use with flowers! And in my case, succulents. (Because succulents you do not have to water every day so I figured if I forgot a day they would not die on me!)

Since I have both a son and a daughter I have to make 2 of everything or else they will most definitely fight over it.

Anyways! Let’s jump into this. Here are the materials you are going to need!


Small Glass Cup or Mason Jar

Tombow Mono Adhesive Glue

Tombow Permanent Adhesive


A plant of your choosing

Now, first thing’s first, please note that glitter is SUPER messy! You will get it everywhere. If you love glitter, like me, you will not have a problem with it. But if you HATE glitter then this tutorial may not be for you!

The first thing you are going to do is take the Mono Adhesive Glue and rub it on to the bottom of the glass. You can go as high or as low as you want to.

Now glitter that beauty up. Sprinkle the glitter over the glue area.

Then, you will take the Permanent Adhesive and go around the top of the glass to create a pretty rim.

Glitter the rim.

Super easy, right?!

Now add your plant and WAH LA! You are all done!

If you are inspired to make this piece on your own please share it with me! I love seeing your art in the works. Use the hashtag #pocketfuloflettersinspired

Have a great day you guys!

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