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Learn How to Price Your Work

Now, first of all. DO NOT hate me for not going into complete detail here and now on how to price your work. There is SO much that goes into that. It is something I had a very hard time with when I first started out selling my work.

Becca, from The Happily Ever Crafter was brilliant enough to go into complete detail of what you should do to price your work. Not only do I think this is important for you as an individual to know about but it is super important as a community. We often low ball our prices and then we are damaging the culture around us. It makes it so other artists work will be passed over when priced correctly!

So, you have until Monday to purchase Becca's Panic Free Pricing Guide for only $75. That is $80 off the normal pricing! Do not miss out on this opportunity!

Click Here.

Good luck!!

(PS: This was not a paid promotion. But I have included an affiliate link.)

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