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Easy Bookmark DIY

You’ve seen me do these fun little geopatterns before but I decided this time I would put a little spin on it.

This bookmark would be perfect for you to make for fun, teacher gifts, for whatever!


Watercolor Paper


Gold Stamp Pad

Washi Tape

Hole Punch



Second, use the Washi Tape to make any pattern you would like on your paper. Make sure the tape is tight with the paper to prevent bleeding under the tape.

Third, take the watercolors of your choosing and paint the geopattern. For a fun effect I added the gold stamp pad on top to make it shiny.

Let that dry then pull off the tape.

You can do whatever you would like on the back of the bookmark. For mine I put my name :).

Use your hole punch to punch a hole at the top of the bookmark. Then, add the string!

You are now good to go! Add it to a cute little piece of candy and it is cuter than ever!

See the following video to see how I did it!

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