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Composing a Large Lettering Piece

First thing I do is start out with a trusty lined paper notebook, a pencil and an eraser. I like to write the quote at the top of the page for quick reference and also to decide where to put the line breaks.

After I get the words down on paper, I might tweak or change the placement of words. I also might even re-write the quote again in a different lettering style to see which I like better. Think about which words you want to stand out in the piece--the most important words you want your reader to notice. You can bring attention to them by making the word larger than all the other words, putting it in a different lettering style, or adding accents like a shadow or outline. In this case, I did all three!

When I want to revise a copy, I'll make notes on the page with my pencil of what I want to change. Whether it's moving a line over, revising a flourish, or changing the look of a letter, I can make the edit to remind me when I make the next copy. Here's a picture what this process looks like for me.

Next, I bust out the tracing paper! There are some great reasons why I love using tracing paper. 1- It's cheap! Way cheaper than the nice writing paper. And when you're designing a piece, you'll be using a LOT of paper to write and revise. 2- It's pen friendly! It won't fray or ruin your markers like cheap paper will, so when you're ready to ink, you don't have to use expensive paper. 3- It's easy to make changes from the previous copy. You can move your paper on top to increase/decrease gaps between words, straighten out a word, or move entire lines over.

After everything is the way you want it, pull out your pen or marker and trace your final piece. At this point, all the letters, words, and lines are where they should be and you're just tracing on top of it. Go slow, no need to rush things. After you've finished tracing, simply remove your pencil copy and you're done!

From here you can take a picture to edit and post to social media, or you can scan it into the computer to digitize! But that's a "How to" for another day!

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