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Color Theory - My First Video Blog Post

Hey guys! Welcome to the first blog post of mine that will incorporate a fun video and that will officially launch my blog posts every Friday! In this video my grandma talked about the importance of color theory! It is a quick summary of what you should know when you are starting out. Where color theory came from, what you should look for in terms of color inspiration, and different types of terminology.

I love this grandma of mine! She and I have been close since as long as I can remember so I am super excited that she agreed to do this with me!

Check it out!

To summarize:

It is important to learn about color theory so you are able to invoke the same emotion in your work that you are picturing in your mind. Also, with learning color theory you are able to learn how to correctly darken or lighten your colors. So, let this be a starter for you to go out and research more about color theory!

Thanks for coming! See you next driday!

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